Laser Dentistry in Clark | Dr Preziosi

Laser Dentistry

Our Clark staff understands that dental procedures can be a source of anxiety due to fears of lingering pain and lengthy recovery time. Laser dentistry – the use of lasers in place of traditional scalpels – is rapidly becoming the preferred surgical method for dentists and patients. The laser dentistry process allows for quicker healing time, less tissue damage and post treatment discomfort, as well as minimal bleeding and sterilization of the surgical treatment site. By using laser dentistry, Clark dentist Dr. Joseph Preziosi can make many of the surgical procedures you need a more comfortable experience.

Comfortable Dental Care

Laser dentistry is a safe and effective method popular with both dentists and patients today. Lasers allow us to perform procedures without the use of a drill or anesthesia, helping our patients have a more relaxed experience. Dental lasers can also reduce symptoms and healing times associated with traditional therapies.


It is important to our team that patients have flexibility in terms of payment. Dr. Preziosi accepts traditional methods of payment, as well as monthly financing. Contact our practice today for more information or to schedule an appointment.